Hi All,

I’ve been kind of lazy today. Don and I both had  to work this morning, which always puts a damper in our weekend. I have been working on sketches of Jake and Jenna’s ferrets (a Christmas present), but they are not “doing” anything for me. I’m sketching them on pastel paper, so no big deal to start all over again.

I do like the way Ludington Dunes – No. 3 Oil Pastel is turning out. It is on ColourFix paper (one of my favorites) and it will fit nicely in an 11 x 14 mat. I’m hoping that someone else likes it too!

Ludington Dunes - No. 3 Oil Pastel

Maybe it needs a little purple? Any thoughts?

Happy Week


PS> I maybe in Atlanta later this week – But Christmas Vacation will begin on the 18th