Well a little late. It is STILL a pretty new year. We went back to work this week and it was hectic, as I imagine that it was for everyone. Just happy to be getting a pay check.

Although I wasn’t exactly LAZY over Christmas vacation, my painting took a backseat to the chores at hand. I drove to Texas for Christmas (then back) that took 4 days out of the holiday.  With the exception of the snowstorm in Fort Worth Texas over Christmas Eve, the days are a bit of a blur.

Thought that I would share with you two things.

1) I painted one of Jake and Jenna’s ferret and framed it for them for Christmas. (Now all the nephews want “portraits” of their pets.


Fonzie, 5x7 oil pastel on sanded paper

2) Over the next week of so (overlapping into this week), I thought that I would try something really fun. I love oil pastels and I really enjoy using them on a hard surface. I found some canvas panels (not sure if that is the correct word or not, but it is a wood panel with canvas glued to it. These are archival (just in case). I used hard oil pastels as an underpainting, then thinned with Mineral Spirits. This is how it looked yesterday.

FL Water Lilies, oil pastel 11x 14 canvas board

That was yesterday morning. Kept fussing with it yesterday (will keep at it today too). Here’s where I am at —-

FL Water Lily, oil pastel 11 x 14 panel 20090110

I will keep you posted on the progress!

Happy Day