I am on a Tudor Kick!! Could be because I have been watching the Tudor Series on DVD – Those were some SERIOUSLY deranged people. GREEDY, AMBITIOUS, AMORAL. Seven deadly sins, I think that the Tudors covered it all. Books that I have been able to WHIP though and leave me wanting more — The Boleyn Inheritance, The Other Boleyn by Phillipa Gregory.  Six Wives of Henry the VIII by Richard Starkey.  With these books,  it’s never clear what is imagined or what it real. But all in all, these books tell a riveting story.

I usually don’t read “best sellers”.  I usually don’t LIKE best sellers.

The following two books are no exception.

The Time Travelers Wife – I like premise. I was with it (but not rivetted by it) until the feet thing.  Those of you who have read it, know what I am talking about. If you haven’t read, don’t read any further.  I had already figured out when the guy died, but don’t you think that there are (and I will put this as delicately as possible) smaller parts to get frost bit that his feet????? It was like the author was just trying to write MORE words — It might have been better as a short story.

Lovely Bones – I had the same problem with this book. It ran out of premise before the author ran out of words. The view of heaven was unique – I liked the idea of having a PERSONALIZED  heaven. I know that mine would have lots of ART supplies and books!!