District 9 – Out of all the movies we saw over the last few months (and we have seen a lot of them). Nothing compared to District 9. I had no expectations about it. I hadn’t heard anything about it. I certainly wouldn’t just “picked up” a movie about aliens in South Africa, (Ok, I would). But I was hooked after the first few minutes.  It was filmed as sort of a documentary about this poor civil servant that was horribly used by the bureaucrats. It was funny, it was brave, it was smart. An all around great film.

Zombieland – Just watch it. Woody Harrelson is FANTASTIC. He is looking good for a guy his age (how old is he anyway?) I am buying this movie to watch every Halloween. It just goes to show you what a man will do for a Twinkie.

Jennifer’s Body – Three cheers for Diablo Cody. It wasn’t just another teenage horror movie, though it had all the elements. There was just enough subtle and edgy humor to keep it interesting.