One week until we head for Florida. I cannot wait! I have been working on a Mini’s today.

Went to Mt. Pleasant yesterday and spent the afternoon with Katie, Thomas and Graham. I have to say that Thomas is a little charmer. He’s talking a blue streak (only 2)  I was able to adequately translate about 75’% of it. We had such a good time.  Graham wasn’t always happy. He wanted to EAT and because of the seating arrangement, he had to wait… POOR GRAHAM.  Still, he made the best out of the situation. He would squawk a bit then try to throw kisses. It was TOO precious. (Not that I am biased)…. Anyway, back to the painting.

Saugatuck in the Snow 5 x 7 oil (WIP)

This is one of my mini’s – 5 x 7 oil. It is a Work in Progress (WIP). I will be adding a tree (You’ll see in a week or two).

Imagine that all the snow has melting and spring has arrived! This is my tiny recreation of one of our flowering trees.  They are beautiful and smell SO great!

Springtime at Country Brook - Mini Oil 8x 10

Have a good week and will report in if I have a chance from FLA