Hi All, I took my egret to art class on Monday along with another painting, to see if my instructor had any suggestions. She was pointed out some areas that needed work (for example, I need to soften the edges in the back ground, and add more depth to the egret). I was very happy to have someone to critique it for me!

Then she saw my white tree. I have been working on blooming trees in our neighborhood for years. This time, I had oil sticks and colored sand paper, so I just had at it. She LOVED it and had it displayed throughout the class.  The only thing that I have to fix is the background. I have to add some branches/leaves the trees in the back. This is more abstract than usual, but I like the colors.

White Blossoms - Oil Stick, 9 x 12 on Sanded Paper

Lastly, my Macaw. I was in error when I called it a PARROT, so pardon me!! I have been working on him… you know Oil Stiks on Sanded Paper. Matting him will not be cheap, he is really an awkward size.. What do you think? I love him!

Macaw, Oil Stiks on Sanded Paper

Have an excellent week!