Happy Weekend all!

Painting isn’t REALLY hard work, but I am working hard at it. I should be doing chores.. oh well.

I believe that I have finished the macaw (but I won’t know fer sure until it sits for awhile). Take a look and let me know if you have any comments.

Macaw, oil stick underpainting with an oil pastel finish. Sanded Paper

Also, have almost finished the Tree at the Franciscan Life Center. This one is predominately Oil Sticks, with some oil pastels as the finishing touches. I painted this on a much finer sand paper than the macaw. The finish is very smooth. This paper works well for landscapes.

Spring Tree in Lowell 10 x 13 Oil Stick/Pastel on Sanded Paper

Finally, here is the BEGINNING of an oil pastel for a contest. I put pastel primer on watercolor paper so this is an interesting new surface for me.  This paint is of the dunes at PJ Hoffmaster State Park. It is just the beginning and for SOME unknown reason, the photo is VERY BLUE —

Dunes at Hoffmaster - 11 x 14 Oil Pastel on Sanded Paper

Hopefully, I post more this weekend