Today was the best Monday that I had in a LONG time! We had the day off. It was great being able to putter around the house and do MORE painting. I made some progress on Tree in Lowell 12 x 16 Oil on Sanded Paper. I was amazed when I took the painting outside to photograph it, how rich the colors were. I think that this one is destined for my nephew Luke.

Next big task on this one, is to do the detail work. I can’t wait!

Tree in Lowell 12 x 16 Oil on Sanded Paper

Some people find watching the paint dry to be boring, I don’t. I have been working another dune scene. I’m not really happy with it. I like the left side better than I like the right side. The left is fresher, seems to me that the trees on the left are overworked. But all I have lost is a few hours, some paint and some paper. It still gives me joy to just paint. — I did this one awhile back in oil pastel. This one has been done with oil sticks.

Dunes at Hoffmaster - 9 x 12 Oil on Sanded Paper

Have a GREAT week!  Hope to see you here soon!