After a very hectic week and a busy Saturday, I’ve spent the morning working on my art. I have paint all over my face, hands and I am LOVING it. Have been working with oil sticks this morning, but did manage to get a start on a oil pastel project that I’ve had in mind. Here’s what I’ve been doing in order of done”ness”

I completed my Grand River in the spring, it is little, it is oil on sanded paper. I really like the way the sky turned out.

Grand River Spring 8 x 10 Oil on Sanded Paper

Next, I’ve worked on my snowy egret… He is always oil on sanded paper. To my dismay, his beak is right on the branch. I might make the branch larger and it would be a real pain to make the egret taller. What do you think?

Snowy Egret 12 x 16 Oil on Sanded Paper

Next, is my swans. These are ALL oil pastel on sanded paper. They are 13 x 17 (I put sanded primer on a watercolor block for the surface)

Ludington Swans 13 x 17 Oil Pastel on Sanded Paper

I have to get over the idea that all water is blue. The swans are swimming in a river with a sandy bottom and though there is blue, I need to make sure that I get the SAND color in the water. An interesting challenge.

And FINALLY — I took this GREAT picture of an iris at my art class this spring, so I got out my oil sticks this morning and had at it. It was GREAT fun, but OMG – It is WILD. I’ll wait til it dries to decide what to do with it.

Lowell Iris - 13 x 17 Oil on sanded Paper

The most FUN part was the lower right side. I slathered on some Phtalo green and drew into it with Naples yellow. I am really easily amused.

Have a great week! I’ll try to catch up with you again next weekend.