Hi All,

Today I made progress in cleaning up the art room. It was another finish it or toss it day. Started out with finishing the snowy egret. I must say that this one was a joy to work from start to finish. It was done on sanded paper, with oil sticks. I moved the paint around with colourshapers and painting knives.

Snowy Egret 12 x 16 Oil on Sanded Paper

My egret is now sporting his little mohawk and has an eye! Yes! He is one cool dude.

My next offering is the painting of the Seattle Pike Market Flowers. Every time I work on this, it takes me back there to all the wonderful smells and the visual playground. And we only saw 1 floor! This one is not quite done, as I need to straighten out the yellows. But progress is being made.

Seattle Public Market, 12 x 16 Oil Stick on Sand Paper

Finally, I’m not sure that you will be able to tell the changes that I have made to this oil painting. Our neighbors woods has all these wonderful pink flower in the springtime. The contrast between the pinks and the yellow greens in the tree was just wonderful. Not sure that I’ve captured it yet, but it is getting there. The challenge on this one was to actually photograph it. The oil is so shiny that it glares something fierce. But Don and I are working the problem… Comments?

Neighbor's yard in Springtime - 18 x 24 Oil on Board

And finally, I worked on my eagle. I think that she is complete. Let me know if you think so too!

Eagle - Sitka, AK 9 x 12 Oil Pastel on Sanded Paper