Sunday is almost over and next weekend I will be in Maine for my niece’s wedding. My little sis Melanie and I are flying out on Friday morning. So this is the last hurrah for painting for the next few weeks. I know that I posted this painting before. I wasn’t crazy about the sky, but I really liked the ground (primer on 3oolb Watercolor paper). So, when my art supplies arrived this week, it gave me the paints that I needed to continue work on this painting.  The texture of the ground it really prominent in this painting. It works for me. Let me know what you think.

Saugatuck Dunes with Shelly - 16 x 20, Oil Stick on Primed WC Paper

This next one is my psychodelic iris. It’s getting better. But still has a long long way to go….. It is an odd little piece. It made the cut this weekend, but it’s future is not at all certain

Lowell Iris - 13 x 17 Oil on sanded Paper