Hi All,

Haven’t posted in awhile because I have been out of town. Last week, we were in Maine for a wedding.  But I am HOME now — til Christmas I think (who knows though, life can get really busy)

I have 3 paintings for you today:

Misty Fjords, 12 x 16 Oil Pastel on Sand Paper

Misty Fjords, 12 x 16 Oil Pastel on Sand Paper

Saugatuck Dunes with Shelly - 16 x 20, Oil Stick on Primed W

I know, I know — I did 2 Misty Fjords – Both the same size, both this the same type of Oil Pastel – the difference is that I used “store bought” sanded paper for one and the “hand primed” sand paper for the second. I am having a really ying/yang thing about which one I like better. You’ll have to let me know what you think. As for the Dunes, I love them and I had great fun painting them. I’m going to go for a bigger one next week. — Wait, I have to finish an acrylic painting for another contest at the end of the month. I still should be able to fit one in.

Have a good week!