Since I’m having trouble finding time to paint, one of my WetCanvas friends suggested that I could squeeze in some extra time while my family slept – BTW it is an excellent idea!

I finished my oil pastel last night – I even worked out how to suggest a sandy bottom on the left corner of water – so here it is! Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Ludington State Park - Lost Lake Trail - Oil Pastel 9 x 12

I also have been working on my oil stick/oil painting (as opposed to an oil pastel) of a Ludington State Park Trail. The oil sticks are ALWAYS so much fun and frustrating. I actually have this one sitting on an easel where I can look at it from the Family Room – I’m always finding little things that I would like to change. Painting is such an evolutionary process for me. I have a vision in my head, but making it come out correctly is an entirely different thing!

Ludington State Park, Island Trail 24 x 24 Oil Stick - Birch Panel

Today/Tomorrow I have to work on my Christmas Cards. Every year I paint a holiday scene (usually snowy) and make cards. People actually save them and hang them in their cubicles! Makes me happy – So, I’ll have to pick a scene and paint it before Thanksgiving! Aggghhh. (Thus the getting up before the family this morning). I’ve shared quite enough I think. Have a great weekend. If I get up early again tomorrow, you may be hearing from me!

Have a great weekend