Howdy all!

First of all, here’s the first draft of the Xmas card for 2010. It’s an oil pastel on Sennelier Oil Pastel paper. I did a wash of indigo first (love that color) and then drew in the trees with oil pencils and finished it up with Senn Oil Pastels. I’m pretty happy with the results. Next week have to print up the usual 100 or so. Better buy ink…

Christmas birches - 9 x 12 Oil Pastel on Oil Pastel Paper

The next three are all works in progress – Here’s more birches done with oil sticks and oil paint. It is getting there, BUT it still isn’t done. I need to let this last layer dry and then put in the branches. The color also changes when it dries, so it may need more dark green

Birch Trees at Tahquamenon - Oil Sticks Sanded Board 18 x 24

Next, I’m working on my reflections for the Ludington painting. Another oil stick on sanded board. The color of the reflections is getting better every week.

Ludington State Park, Island Trail 24 x 24 Oil Stick

Finally, here’s my oil  pastel – This is about 1/2 done. Hope to finish this up next weekend.

Tahquamenon Falls - Oil Pastel on 16 x 20 Pastel Board

If everything goes as planned, these will ALL be done by Thanksgiving!