Okay, maybe they are not exactly WONDERS, but the goal for Christmas vacation is to create at least 10 50 Minute Wonders. What are 50 Minute Wonders you ask? They are 5 x 7 Alkyd (fast drying oil) paintings of water lilies, done in 50 minutes or less. Why you ask – Because it is taking me FOREVER to finish my paintings and I feel that I am fussing over them too much, so I gave myself a challenge.  Now, why not a 60 minute painting? When I get home from work, I have my chores to do, I really don’t have a WHOLE hour, but I can squeeze out 50 mins… So there you have it. I will be posting them as I finish them. They may not be masterpieces, but I suspect that they will be fun.

50MW-1 WaterLily 5 x 7 Oil on Canvas Board

PS> NO BRUSHES are used, only a painting knife and ColourShapers.

Enjoy your weekend