The tree is down. The lights are down. I felt sad about taking those bright happy lights down, they are so festive and inviting.

I did get a good bit of painting in. One of my Wet Canvas friends suggested that I re-work the eyes on my Great Egrets. I followed her excellent advice and was pleased with the results! What do you think?

Great White Egrets - 11 x 14 oil pastel on primed linen

I was so excited about the results of this experiment, I decided to prime a few more sheets of linen. Can’t wait to see what develops!

Thought that I would share one of my sketches tonight. This is an oil pastel, about 5 x 7 in a Canson MultiMedia pad. I have been on a real Heron kick this week. Maybe because it reminds me of Florida and warmth! This big guy is from the Black Point Trail in Titusville, he had his feathers all fluffed out. That was the only time that I have seen that!

Heron - 5 x 7 oil pastel sketch

Hope to post something yet tomorrow. Then, I’ll get back on my regular work schedule.