Happy Sunday,

It has been a very productive weekend around the house. On top of the usual chores, I painted the molding on the stair steps and Don painted the base of the bar in the kitchen. Boy, does the house look nice! That was a job that has been in the job jar since July! Once that was done, I was able to justify spending the rest of the afternoon doodling, drawing, sketching and playing around with painting stuff of all forms.

Let’s start with some of my sketches from yesterday – (I was trying out my new oil pencils!)

5.5 x 8 WaterLily Oil Pencil

Eventually, I would like to do a BIG Oil of the waterlily (16 x 20?) and another BIG Oil with Palm Trees and an egret standing in the foreground. So far, I can do an egret, but the palm trees need serious help….

5.5 x 8 Palm Tree Oil Pencil

Then today, I was much braver and graduated to Oil Pastel on Paper

5 x 7 WaterLily Oil Pastel on Paper

(Yes, it is that BLUE)

Finally, I’ve worked on my Ludington Oil Stick painting. It is ALMOST done. I have to tone down the left side of the painting. But I am making progress.

Ludington State Park - 12 x 16 Oil Sticks on Sand Paper

Have a good week! Leave me a comment so that I know that you visited!