Greetings on this winter weekend. WE are all dug out and I did have an opportunity today to work on some of my art stuff. (And I got a hair cut)

I did a blue glaze on my Ludington picture which made the water seem more shimmery. That seems to work.

Ludington State Park - 12 x 16 Oil Sticks on Sand Paper

I have been experimenting with using washes over oil pastel and I may have found the technique that I like best. I started with very hard oil/wax pastels for the macaw and the palm frond. Then I went over it with water soluble oil pastels. The  color of these pastels is out of this world.  I used Hot Press Watercolor paper. The colors are still vivid after the wash! My apologies to the macaw, I need a little more practice drawing him.

11 x 14 Oil Pastel washed with WS Oil Pastels on WC Paper

I TOLD you that this was Franken-Painting today. Expect the unexpected. Next, I was using alkyd paints on canvas board, with a blue glaze. I really want to get loose with my strokes so I gave up the brushes and am painting only with ColourShapers and painting knives. (Knives go well with the FrankenPainting motif), This is more of a OIL SKETCH.

Viero Wetlands - 9 x 12 Alkyd on Canvas Board

Next, I have been doing some oil pastel on clear primed canvas. I also like where this is going.  I may have to glue the results on hardboard to make it more permanent, but I haven’t gotten that far yet.  I did one of these last week, and thought that I would try this again…(okay, I ordered more of this canvas since it was so much fun)

Ludington Winter - 9 x 12 Oil Pastel on clear primed canvas

And lastly – I bought some Bogus Rough paper and did a sketch of the birch trees at Tahq Falls. – It is not a great sketch, but I like the paper (Don’t you just love the name?).

9 x 12 Birch Trees on Bogus Rough Paper

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