The weather forecasters are predicting another wild day of weather 7am Sunday to 7am Monday. It may be that we are paying for the beautiful weather we had last October and November. Be that as it may, I had a great time today cleaning the house, doing laundry and my favorite thing.. painting.

Here’s what I am working on:

I started this as an sepia ink sketch on the canvas. Wasn’t sure if it would hold, but it did dry out. Next, I started the underpainting with Alkyds. Very basic colors, cobalt, ochre, magenta, burnt umber. Since these are alkyds they will be dry by tomorrow. (Huge benefit for weekend paintings)

14 x 18 Birch Trees - Alkyds - Ink drawing on canvas

14 x 18 Birch Trees - Alkyds - Underpainting














While these were drying, worked with my acrylics on a little macaw from the Brevard Zoo. He is beautiful, and I’m not sure that I’m doing him justice BUT.. Art is about practice, practice, practice.

9 x 12 Macaw in Acrylic (WIP)

Finally, I varnished an oil painting and put some Sennelier Oil Pastel Fixative on my 12 x 16 Misty Fjords. Once done with that, I began work on an Oil Pastel of the Dunes in Saugatuck. It just seemed like the thing to do. Hopefully, I will be able to finish it this weekend.

9 x 12 Saugatuck Dunes - Oil Pastel