February is almost over and that is good. I’m getting a little tired of the snow and the dreary skies. I have to remember that Spring Break will be here soon and we get to go on VACATION!

I am working on things, but not getting them done. So here’s the first offerings are an acrylic and an alkyd! They are about 1/2 done.

9 x 12 Acrylic on Clear Primed Canvas

14 x 18 Birch Trees - Alkyds











The next is my macaw. The background is filling in.

9 x 12 Macaw in Acrylic (WIP)

I also wanted to share some of my sketches. Both oil pastels on oatmeal paper.

8 x 10 Oil Pastel on Oatmeal Paper

8 x 10 Oil Pastel on Oatmeal Paper
















Then there is my oil pastel swan.. Hope you enjoy! Drop me a line!

Ludington Swan 9 x 12 Oil Pastel (WIP)