I am going to have to learn how to SAVE drafts. I had almost completed my blog for this week – and POOF! It was GONE!! Never mind, I’ll recreate it. First thing I would like to share are my two sketches. The acrylic sand crane and an oil pastel flower that I made up, Both are DONE!

9 x 12 Sand Crane, Acrylic

5 x 7 Oil Pastel Sketch












Next, I have two BEFORE and AFTER picture. I hadn’t noticed what a BIG difference one week could make. The problem that I struggle with on these next two sets of paintings is color. I like to mix yellow and blue to make GREEN. but that doesn’t make for a very interesting painting. Things look plastic and FAKEY. So I am working on my greys and pushing the background back and accenting the foreground brighter colors.




9 x 12 Macaw in Acrylic (WIP)

9 x 12 Macaw in Acrylic (WIP) picture is getting a bit more depth.

14 x 18 Birch Trees - Alkyds

14 x 18 Birch Trees - Alkyds























Finally, I have one of my acrylics that I had abandoned two years ago. It was another attempt where I had used primary colors, but no grays. I am very happy to report that I have learned a little bit since that time, and I think that this painting can be saved.

12 x 16 Backyard in Fall, Acrylic