It was a beautiful frosty morning, brilliant blue skies… but cold…Oh well, winter in Michigan. I have been working on Christmas presents.. mostly watermedia, you know, watercolor, acrylic and gouache. Last weekend, I primed 10 boards of various sizes with absorbent ground. This morning I sanded them down to make them smooth. The experiments that you see on the boards were also primed with absorbent ground, but not sanded to as smooth of a surface.

Here is a watercolor/gouache on primed hard board

Wetland on Primed Board 9 x 12

Grass River on Primed Board 9 x 12

And finally, here is phase II of my Christmas card, watercolor on watercolor paper.

Fallsburg Park - 12 x 16 Watercolor

Tomorrow, I will be in Grand Haven with my sister..but MAYBE on Sunday I can paint a bit more!!

Have a wonderful evening!