It has been a LONG LONG time! But I have been very busy! Frustrated, but busy. I have these paintings in my mind, but the execution of them is alluding me.

First, though, I present my 2011 Christmas card

12 x 16 Fallsburg Bridge - Watercolor on paper

Next as a few 8 x 10 Goauche on Canson Watercolor Boards (Christmas Presents)

8 x 10 Swan in Goauche - WIP

8 x 10 Sunrise in Goauche

Here is one of the watercolor sketches that I did yesterday Hope that it turns into an oil magically overnight….

9 x 12 Traverse City Barn - Watercolor Sketch


I cannot post all my “christmas presents” on the off chance that someone is lurking out there – but once all are delivered and opened, I should have more to post.

FINALLY, here is an acrylic that I am REALLY struggling with. It is quite large (24 x 30) of our Middleville hiking trail in the fall.  Not only the size is daunting, but the material ( a perfect fall day with a swan gliding by so gracefully) requires it to get fluid with brilliant colors. On top of that, I’m painting it on canvas that survived a hurricane! Anyway, here it is. Will post more if I ever get it finished!

24 x 30 Swan in the fall - Acrylic on Canvas


Have a GREAT week! I’ll post when I can!