Hi All,

Yes, I am a Sunday Painter. Sometimes a Saturday Painter, but mostly a Sunday Painter and boy did I have a good old time today!

I was busy scanning my old pictures yesterday (and that is a job that I suspect will go on FOREVER), and I found some really lovely photos that I wanted to paint. I did some little watercolor sketches and then did some oils off of them.

4 x 6 Watercolor Sketch


Sunflower 8 x 10 Oil WIP













I’m am so intrigued by limited palettes. For my oil paintings, I am just using Indigo, White, Lemon Yellow, Permanent Orange and burnt umber. What a noticed about this painting, is that main flower is smack in the middle of the painting. That is a no-no. The other problem that there is no background. I really like the gray, but that is GESSO. So for the REAL thing, I will do a background in Daniel Smith Moonglow (with white) and that should bring out the beautiful yellows. I am NOT a yellow person. But if I’m to be a painter, I must learn how to work with it and LOVE it!

Here is the second pair.

5.5 x 8 Watercolor Sketch

Sunflower - 9 x 12 Oil WIP













The problem with this oil is that the light yellow flowers look like hats for the larger sunflowers. I need to work my placement a bit better for this one. I will do the same background (Moonglow and white) for the final painting. It is SO much easier to see your mistakes when you look at a photo of the painting. I wonder what mechanism turns on when you look a photo.

Here are some other painting that I have been playing with. I don’t have any particular home for them. Just doing them because it is FUN!

Watercolor Sketch 4 x 6


Watercolor Sketch 4 x 6









Oil Stick Sketch 8 x 10




Please let me know if you have any comments! I would love to hear from you!

Katie's Tree - 9 x 12 Oil Bars