Happy Sunday, the weekend is almost over. Boo…I managed to do a little bit of everything this weekend because it was snowing out and I don’t like to go out (I definitely know why birds migrate!). So I watched the birds on our bird feeder, did my weekend chores, played video games and painted. You are probably only interested in the painting part.

I’ll start with the watermedia (watercolor and acrylic)

Sunflowers in WC Sketchbook


Sunflowers on Yupo












Katie's Tree - Acrylic on Board


Next are a few oil pastel sketches:

Oil Pastel on Craft Paper

Oil Pastel on Craft Paper










These last two are my oil stick offering. I do SO enjoy working with oil sticks! I have heard that OILBARS is newly formulated and I can’t wait to try them. Unfortunately, my art budget is nil for the next few months (Had to buy a new PS3)


Oil Sticks on Senso Canvas


Oil Stick on Stretched Canvas












I really enjoy the feel of the Senso canvas. If you have the opportunity, it would be a great thing to put in your art shopping cart.

Have a great weekend! Thanks for checking in!