Greetings on this last weekend in April. We have had a very busy month! I’ve signed up to do some paintings for children and am having the best time working on it

All paintings are (will be) 30x 40. That seemed big to me until I actually started painting the animals!
I started work by doing a quick layout of the whole painting. Next, i painted some of the animals and named them. If I didn’t like them, I did more. Finally, when I was happy with my critters, I made a few cut outs (giraffe, zebra, rhino). This morning it started to take shape! The free hand drawing is done with Inktense pencils and sticks (excellent tools!). I have started to lay in the acrylic. It is so much fun to do! My HB Don is helping with the gesso and even a little painting.




Not sure what this will look like, since I am doing from my IPad, but drop me a line if you would like to comment!

Have a good week!