Tired, Tired, Tired. Have been cleaning up my art room after doing the 30 x 40s. I should post a picture of it after it is all clean – It was a MESS!

Got out my oil sticks and have been working with them.  Not too much to report, except that I am pretty happy with the progress on my tern. Hope to do a series of wading birds.

The first one is watercolor/Inktense on panel coated with absorbent ground. (I do love that stuff)

Tern – 8 x 10 Watercolor on panel (with absorbent ground)


Next is OIL STICKS (hurrah! I love them) on stretched canvas. I did the under-painting in orange. I do like the effect.

Tern – 9 x 12 Oil Sticks on Stretched Canvas


It WILL be a long week, but hopefully, I can make more progress on my birds.

Happy End of July!