Hi  All,

Happy Fall!  It feels like the time of year that you want to make chili and crawl under your blankets. But I did attempt to work through a few of my projects. The Tern, the Canadian Goose and the egret. I will try to put the old on the left side of the page and the NEW one on the right side of the page. That just makes them easier to compare.

I think that my little tern has a twinkle in his eye!

Royal Tern – 9 x 12 Oil on stretched canvas





Next is my Canadian Goose landing














Finally is my egret, I’m not sure that I even posted the first one, so here is the current one

Great White Egret – oil sticks, 14 x 18


Just in case you are interested: here is a quick study using watercolor sticks… I loved it so much I ordered more…

Barn – Watercolor Sticks


Have a GREAT Week! More next week!