Wow! What a fabulous weekend! Can’t believe that it is Sunday already. Finished the Christmas cards. They are printed. Now I need to get busy and address them all. That will happen NEXT weekend. Can’t rush these things!

I have also been working on my Christmas presents. If any of my family wanders over to this website, they will have a “sneak” preview. Otherwise, it will just be between us….Not all of these ARE Christmas presents. I think that you will be able to tell which one is….

Let’s start with the sand cranes. These have been so much fun to experiment with. I am using Daniel Smith WATERCOLORS and love them. Lunar Blue and Shadow Violet. I even LOVE the names. They are in various sized, 4 x 6, 5 x 7 and 6 x 8. I’m working on Watercolor blocks (this the reason for the varied sizes). Take a look:

Sand Crane 4 x 6 Watercolor

Sand Crane 5 x 7 Watercolor












Sand Crane 6 x 8 Watercolor


And lastly, here is a watercolor that I have been sketching on for almost a year. When I saw this picture, I had to paint it. So here it is. Caroline and the Tree. 1/8 of a watercolor sheet with Daniel Smith watercolors.

Caroline and the Tree 7 x 11 Watercolor (WIP)


Hopefully, I will have a chance to work on my RACCOON today.. He has such a sweet face! Happy Sunday!