Well, another weekend is over, and it is sleeting here, so it is a GOOD NIGHT to be at home! We needed to get the grandnieces and nephews something for Christmas so their mom and I consulted. We came up with a Pink Poodle, a Shark and a Horse. I am doing them in acrylic, small stretched canvases (12 x 12) for the poodle and the horse. 12 x 16 for the shark. I have some experience with sharks as I did a large underwater scene earlier this year. I have also painted dogs (niki, kaya, etc), but I have never painted a horse, nor do I have an pictures of horses. So my WetCanvas and FB friend, Tatiana (A FABULOUS artist in her own right) came to my rescue with wonderful pictures of one of her horses. So I have babbled long enough! Here are the sketches, all with Inktense pencils and sticks. Enjoy!! Let me know if you have any comments!

Pink Poodle - Inktense Pencils DSCN4894 (757x800) DSCN4895 (800x480)