I have finished Jon’s Barn!! All I have to do is SIGN IT!! I even painted the edges. Hopefully, it will be dry enough to show him. Take a look! The picture has NOT been Photoshop-ed. Yes, it is that bright! The  only brush I will use for this whole painting is when I sign it. Amazing. (I would like to figure out how to sign it without a brush!)

Jon's Barn - 16 x 20 oil

Jon’s Barn – 16 x 20 oil

The next two sketches are with watercolor and very precious to me. The first, Graham and Farley, is my grandson and his dog. My daughter took this extraordinary picture and it totally captures the love between and kids and the dogs.  I hope I can do it justice. This sketch will go to class with me this week so that I can get some helpful hints. If you have any,  let me know. The second, Miss Luna, is my sister’s dog.  A few weeks ago, I did a pretty decent sketch and for whatever reason, I totally fell apart when I painted it. I revised my process a bit. This time, I used 300 lb watercolor paper (REALLY GOOD PAPER) and after the sketch was complete, I sealed it with clear gesso. So this time, I’m pulling the pieces together. That should hold the paint! After the gesso dried, added a bit of watercolor to warm up the painting.

Graham and Farley - 9 x 12 WC

Graham and Farley – 9 x 12 WC

Miss Luna  11 x 14 sketch on 300lb WC paper

Miss Luna 11 x 14 sketch on 300lb WC paper

I am so thankful for technology. Even though I couldn’t go to see my daughter and grandkids this weekend, my daughter and I were able to do Google Talk this weekend. It was AWESOME.

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