I have so much to share, AND I don’t want to get boring, so I will try to pare it down a bit. First, went to North Padre Island on vacation. Had a fabulous time, took a ton of pictures… Have then about 1/2 sorted. Saw two types of herons that I did not even know existed! AND it was warm. Supposed to snow again tomorrow. Maybe the weather men are really playing an April Fools joke on us.

Here are a few 4 x 6 Charcoal Sketches (with Regular and white Charcoal).

Lk Michigan Dunes - Charcoal


Gray Barn - Charcoal


Leelanau House - Charcoal


Next, I would like to show you the two 4 x 6 Oil Paintings I did with Oil Sticks with weekend.






Leelanau House - 4 x 6

Leelanau House – 4 x 6


Saugatuck Dunes - 4 x 6

Saugatuck Dunes – 4 x 6









Finally, a 16 x 20 oil painting on Canson Paper (not archival, but GREAT Practice)

Leelanau House - 16 x 20 Oil

Leelanau House – 16 x 20 Oil


The last one is a little too BLUE.. could be because of the paper that I used. When I do the final version, I will use an ORANGE Background. That should give it a nice warm glow!’

Have a great week!