Alleluia! It is a holiday weekend. I’ve done my chores, we went for a walk, we went to Costco, and I painted! Does it get any better? I thought that I would show you the steps that I have taken so far for this painting of our neighbors garage (interesting subject eh?) First is the sketch. I did this in an 8 x 6 notebook with a watercolor pencil.

Neighbor's Garage - Sketch 8 x 6 WC Pencil


Next, since the picture was small, I had to blow it up. So I sized it and drew it with colored pencils and Oil Pastels on a 12 x 16 Fabriano Tiziano Paper. (light blue gray). I had forgotten that I had a set of Prismcolor Colored pencils. This went down very nicely. I used Sennelier and Mungyo Artist Oil Pastels. Great Fun

12 x 16 Pastel Paper - Colored Pencils and Oil Pastels

Finally, I started working on the oil painting. I used a gray Inktense Pencil for the sketch on the canvas and I’m not happy that I can see the line through the oil paint. But this is a the first layer and so I hope that the lines will be covered  by the remainder of the paint.

Neighbor's garage - 12 x 16 oil

Neighbor’s garage – 12 x 16 oil

I am done for today, but hope to finish it up tomorrow. Also, for the cat lovers in the audience… here’s the start of a XMAS present for my FABULOUS Sister Melanie. This is done ENTIRELY with Inktense pencils!


Razzy - 12 x 16 WC

Razzy – 12 x 16 WC