Here are some attempts to get in the SWING of things again. Some are okay, some aren’t. Good thing the trash man is coming tomorrow. I have some paintings for him!

First, did a few watercolors and they turned out AOK.

DSCN6696 (774x1024) DSCN6699 (761x1024)


The second set of sketches, disasters, etc are for a painting I want to do. What I need is a small prototype to show one of my friends. The first in this set didn’t work out so well (hence the garbage can). The leaves should be feathery and dainty and ended up being big blobs. So of the colors turned out well, so I will use that new found (again) knowledge in the later paintings

DSCN6689 (600x800)


Once I decided to start again, I started from scratch with a sketch, a watercolor (see above), then I drew the sketch onto a 16 x 20 canvas with Inktense pencils and started to work adding colors.

DSCN6695 (747x1024) DSCN6697 (789x1024) DSCN6700 (798x1024) DSCN6702 (792x1024)


I REALLY need to REMEMBER that I can’t JUMP in and paint. I need to PLAN first! I’ll keep you informed on my progress!

Have a great day!