Yesterday, I had two missions! First – clean up my studio, second – work on the painting for my Christmas card. So while attempting to throw out the “old stuff” to make room for the new stuff, I came across this unfinished plein air painting.

Ada, Oil 8 x 10

Ada, Oil 8 x 10

This morning I whipped out my trusty oil sticks/bars and finished it up. I am so pleased with the results!

Ada, 8x10, oil

Ada, 8×10, oil

And how did I do on my Christmas card. Well, take a peak. I used Canson Paper, Liquitex markers, ink, and some sparkly markers. And low and behold…

Christmas 2014 - mixed media

Christmas 2014 – mixed media

Obviously, this is just a sketch. But I like the idea! Have a great week!