I have been conducting a little experiment with one of the Craftsy Classes that I am taking. I first did a version of the exercise with oil bar/sticks and then did one with acrylic. Both these paintings are done with a limited Classic palette (white, yellow ochre, burnt sienna, Indian red, black). I was pleased with the Oil Painting which has very rich color. I was also surprised that I could get the light yellow from the yellow ochre! I am not happy with the shape of the flower.

Oil Bar/Stick on Canvas Board

Oil Bar/Stick on Canvas Board

Then I did it again with the same limited palette but in acrylic. The flower worked out better (color wise and shape), but the VASE is too light and it looks crooked (Since these are practice, maybe I’ll go back in a fix it up). Also, the lemon and flower need to be anchored on the table cloth!

Acrylic on canvas - 11 x 14

Acrylic on canvas – 11 x 14

Today I am working on a “Impressionist” Palette. Again, I will do one with Oil Bars/Sticks and another with Acrylics. I just have to find some time to do it.

Have a great day!