My franken”art” “experiments” have been evolving. The more I watch YouTube Videos, the more excited I get about playing around with acrylic paints. I’ve continued working on the monoprints. Once I get the print, the painting starts to just evolve when I satart messing around with it. Here is the current (final) state of my first two monoprints. The second print has a freshness to it, which I find appealing.


Next, I tried doing a landscape by painting on glass and creating a print from it.


I did some acrylic transfer. I admit that the first 2 were disasters, never to see the light of day again. But then I used a technique that I found on YouTube to transfer markers to watercolor paper. I did a simple sketch of a pelican and I found that it transferred quite nicely. The background was a bit shiny for my taste, but I’ll have to work with the acrylic medium to get the proper consistency.  All the YouTube videos make it look “so easy”..

. 2016-sketchbook047 (669x800)

Finally, I did a number of acrylics paint skins. Wow, these are fun to play with. I wasted ALOT of medium, but finally came up with one that I liked. To create this little masterpiece(?), you use acrylic paint on a piece of plastic (I used a sheet protector), add some medium and wait for it to dry. Then, peal it off the plastic. The first picture is a front view of the waterlily, the second one is a view from the back. Well, enough for today! Have a great day!