It’s time to show off all the things I learned watching YouTube videos this year!! First, lets start with Lino-Cuts. These are great fun to design and carve. The printing is a “let’s get our hands dirty” process. What I am attempting to discover, is my own personal touch to this art form. I have been adding watercolor and printing on a previous monoprints. I like both results. (maybe I like adding watercolor to the print a bit better). Take a look and let me know what you think!


The tour that we took of the Western National Parks was truly awesome. SO MUCH beauty. But trying to translate THAT into art work has been challenging. I have the ideas in my mind… but getting the paint to cooperate? Not so easy. I showed you some of my early efforts. Now, I will let you see the progress that I have made with my acrylic paintings.


Next, the Mittens!! I used a “YouTube” video as inspiration for “monoprinting” color onto the watercolor paper to create an abstract image. (See the last two)


More Monument Valley! (Again the abstract monoprint which will serve as a basis for my new painting.)


And there is MORE! Sometimes a fish is just a fish!! (Inspired by the Shedd’s aquarium in Chicago!)


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