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Herons have been pretty scarce in Michigan this summer. It might be caused by the horrible winter we had last year, but that’s just a guess. Good thing that I have thousands of pictures of herons from Florida. I should never run out of material.

Heron Sketch on Canson paper, painted with acrylic markers

Heron Sketch on Canson paper, painted with acrylic markers

Heron - Acrylic Painting, 18  24

Heron – Acrylic Painting, 18 24

I have been working with Liquitex Markers and have thoroughly enjoyed the capability of drawing and painting at the same time! Also, the markers work very nicely on paper!


Hi All,

Two oil stick painting for your viewing pleasure. I’m ready to put a fork in the barn! (I just need to get my instructors approval) AND then I have a number of watercolor sketches that I filled in with WC. I have to say – THAT IS FUN FUN FUN! (Okay, all art is FUN) I am particularly pleased with the Pelican (and Razzy)

Jon's Barn - 16 x 20 Oil Stick on Canvas

Jon’s Barn – 16 x 20 Oil Stick on Canvas


Fat Cardinal - 5 x 7 Oil Stick on Paper

Fat Cardinal – 5 x 7 Oil Stick on Paper










at Cardinal - Watercolor 1/8 WC Paper

at Cardinal – Watercolor 1/8 WC Paper


Unfinished Heron - Watercolor 1/8 WC Paper

Unfinished Heron – Watercolor 1/8 WC Paper











On Water's Edge - WC on 12 x 16 Canson WC Paper

On Water’s Edge – WC on 12 x 16 Canson WC Paper




Razzy Relaxing - 9 x 12 WC

Razzy Relaxing – 9 x 12 WC













So you  see why I haven’t gotten any work done.  But this has been a  GREAT ART weekend! Thanks for looking!



The 8 minute post…

Royal Tern – 9 x 12 Oil on stretched canvas


The steaks will be  done in 8 minutes so this will be a quick one.

The tern is finished. Had to resort to a paint brush to do his eye and legs.



My next painting is an acrylic on board, primed with absorbent ground. I DO like it alot.

Heron’s nest – 12 x 16 Acrylic on board

This is interesting for a few reasons. I used a thin coat of raw sienna as the under painting. Then painted the tree and nest with burnt umber. Then painted in the sky. I took  class a few weeks back the the instructor said that I wasn’t painting.. I was dabbing.

So today, I tried to PAINT!

Happy Saturday

All over the place!

We have been busy and my art work has been ALL OVER the place the last few weeks!

Watercolor, oil pastel, oil with wax, watercolor ground. There is much fun to be found with art supplies. Here are a few examples

Let’s start with the Watercolors

Sunflower - 1/4 Sheet Watercolor Paper


Great Blue Heron - 1/4 Sheet Watercolor Paper

Next are some works in progress with watercolor ground. I am very intrigued by this ground. I would LOVE to be able to paint watercolor on boards instead of paper. It is not necessarily a straightforward transition between paper and the boards – but I am enjoying the journey!

Wetlands 1 - 9 x 12 Watercolor Ground

Wetlands 2 - 9 x 12 Watercolor Ground

I will continue to play with these paintings. If I don’t like the way that the painting is going, I just SAND it off. That is AWESOME!

Here’s my oil pastel – It’s the only thing that I have completed this week!!

Grass River - 9 x 12 Oil Pastel

Finally, my pride and joy. It is a oil + WAX painting. This is the first pass, done this pm. Hope to work more tomorrow…

Red Barn - 12 x 16 Oil + Wax

As you can see, I have been ALL over the place this week.

Have a great one and hope to catch up with you again SOON!





Monday Blogging

Hello out there!

I think that this is the first time I have ever blogged on a Monday! We just returned from a wonderful trip to Texas and needed an extra day off to recoup. This also gives me some time to post some of my art work!

First, here is an Oil and Wax painting that I did this morning. I like the feel of this combo.

12 x 16 Red Barn - Oil with Wax

Next are some plein air watercolor sketches that I did in Texas

Flowers 1 - Watercolor Sketch

Flowers 2 - Watercolor Sketch

Tree - Watercolor Sketch

Next, here are a few of my acrylics that I am working on (Not complete)

12 x 16 Great Blue Heron - Acrylic on Board12 x 16 Snowy Egret in Flight - Acrylic on Board


16 x 20 Palms at Viero Wetlands - Acrylic on Board

16 x 20 Winter on Bolt Ave - Acrylic on Canvas

Winter on Bolt MAY evolve into my yearly Christmas card. I like to way that it is shaping up!

Let me know if you have any comments! Happy Painting


Herons and other stuff

Hello out there! I’m back and not quite ready for another work week. I did a few watercolor sketches and studies since the last time I posted. Please let me know if you have any comments on them.

Sitka - 4 x 6 Watercolor Sticks

Country Brook Fall - 4 x 6 Watercolor Sticks

Finally finished and matted this heron. He may be a candidate for framing!

Blue Heron - 6 x 8 WC and Goache

Blue Heron WC Sketch - 9 x 12


Finally, this is an experiment with masking fluid, pouring and salt. It is supposed to be a dune picture, but who knows!!!

WC Experiment of the dunes - 11 x 14 Watercolor

The dune picture is NOT complete. Need to let it rest so I can figure out what to do next.

Let me know if you have any comments. My last watercolor class in on Tues. It has been a wonderful time


I have been having trouble finishing up my birds! It may be because I am taking a watercolor class and I have been practicing with WC instead of working on my usual projects. I am really excited about watercolor these days.  It is very handy to do a quick watercolor sketch while dinner is cooking. It doesn’t require alot of set up — anyway. Here are my efforts:

7.5 x 11 WC and Gouache - Heron on the way to work

12 x 16 Inktense, WC and Acrylic Heron

6 x 8 Watercolor - Egret WIP


7.5 x 11 Misty Fjords Alaska #2


7.5 x 11 Misty Fjords Alaska #1


Let me know what you think!!



Been a LONG TIME!!

Hello out there! I know that it has been a LONG time since I posted anything. June FLEW by and now it’s the 4th of July weekend. I’m trying to savor every minute of it. So, here are some of my works in progress:

Backyard Fall - 7 x 11 Watercolor


This has been FUN because I am taking a watercolor class in a few weeks and am trying to get my head wrapped around watercolor techniques again. I am using Daniel Smith WC, the colors are brilliant. It is a joy just working with them. Here is another WIP of Sturgeon Point Lighthouse.

Sturgeon Point Lighthouse - 7 x 11 Watercolor


Will post again when finished.

For some reason, I have been on a Canadian Goose kick lately (I should have a separate post just for all the Goose artifacts I have produced lately). This one is an Oil Pastel on ColourFix paper –

Canadian Geese - 9 x 12 Oil Pastel


Finally, my weekly Heron. This is a big one and don’t now exactly where I’m going with it yet.

Ink Heron - 12 x 16 Inktense Pencils and Sticks

I was attempting to do an abstract background (you know, get a loose look). We’ll just have to see where this one goes! Have a great day! Happy painting!


Happy Father’s Day to all you Dad’s out there.

I have been working on some 7 x 11’s for an exhibit. These MUST be on paper (makes sense), so I got out my watercolors and I have been having a fine time.  Started out with my Canadian Geese. Did 4 different versions of this particular painting – was going for a minimal palette (blue, ochre, brown and black). Sketched it out with Inktense pencils and they worked so well, I completed it with just the Inktense pencils/sticks.

Canadian Geese - 7 x 11 WC Paper, Inktense Pencils/Sticks

Next, I did a Oil Pastel of Cherry Trees on WC Paper. Coated the WC Paper with Clear Acrylic Gesso. Not has happy with this one, but it is easy to scrap down to the Gesso.

Cherry Trees - 7 x 11 Oil Pastel on WC Paper

The next ones were just for fun, this is a WC + Oil Pastel. I have been doing this one over and over and I am very happy with the results. I love the way the WC run into each other and make new colors. This one was so much fun to do

Heron in the Dunes - 9 x 12 Oil Pastel Heron with WC Background

Finally, some watercolors. Since I had them out, why not do some orchids?

Orchids - 8 x 10 Watercolor

I may post more tonight! Have a great day!

Working on 7-11

Hi All,

Have been painting, but not posting.  Spring has finally sprung in Michigan and I have been working around the house. ANYWAY, there is another show with the stipulation that the art has to be 7 x 11 (for an opening 7-11!) Pretty slick!! So I here’s what I have. I’ll start with my oil, then my inks on WC paper – Then some playing around with WC Sticks and Oil Pastels! It is so much fun!!

Saugatuck Dunes - 12 x 16 Oil

Ink on WC Paper - 7 x 11


Ink on WC Paper - 7 x 11








Ink on WC Paper - 7 x 11


Ink on WC Paper - 7 x 11


Padre Island Heron - Oil Pastel 9 x 12


Pot o' Flowers - WC Sticks and Acrylics


That’s it! Let me know what you think!!


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