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Checking in…

Greetings! It is FINALLY springtime here! The lush spring colors are always an inspiration. I have been working with watercolors, watercolor sticks, acrylic inks and acrylics in my sketchbooks. Here are a few samples of my work!

The hay roll scene was done in watercolor on Strathmore Mixed Media Paper 5.5 x 8.5 with watercolor and watercolor sticks

The daffodil painting was done in watercolor, watercolor sticks, outlined with speedball pen. Then I added a wash to the ink to get the background color. Canson Mixed Media Paper, 7 x 10

Lastly, the dune picture was done with watercolor, watercolor sticks, Inktense pencils, and ink. Strathmore Mixed Media 9 x 12.


It is almost the weekend! I just finished a 16 x 20 prototype of an acrylic painting that will “hopefully” turn into a 24 x 36 project. This was done with Golden and Daniel Smith Acrylics, no medium on a 16 x 20 stretched canvas. I primed it with RED since I knew that the painting would contain a lot of green. Also, used “transparent” colors since I am on a GLAZING kick. Take a look and let me know what you think. And keep your fingers crossed that I get a chance to do the 24 x 36 version of this painting

PS> The background color is NOT the proper grey, but that will be fixed in the larger version.

16 x 20 Springtime on Bolt - Acrylic

16 x 20 Springtime on Bolt – Acrylic

16 x 20 Springtime on Bolt - Acrylic

16 x 20 Springtime on Bolt – Acrylic

16 x 20 Springtime on Bolt - Acrylic

16 x 20 Springtime on Bolt – Acrylic

Dressing the Flamingo

I’m working on my Christmas card and things are coming together — Sort of.  The Watercolor/Inktense painting of the Flamingo is working really well, but getting him to put on his Christmas hat…. well, let’s say, he is one picky bird when it comes to stocking caps. Here’s my studio in the midst of all this creation!

IMG_1225 (859x1024)

Genesis of a painting

Alleluia! It is a holiday weekend. I’ve done my chores, we went for a walk, we went to Costco, and I painted! Does it get any better? I thought that I would show you the steps that I have taken so far for this painting of our neighbors garage (interesting subject eh?) First is the sketch. I did this in an 8 x 6 notebook with a watercolor pencil.

Neighbor's Garage - Sketch 8 x 6 WC Pencil


Next, since the picture was small, I had to blow it up. So I sized it and drew it with colored pencils and Oil Pastels on a 12 x 16 Fabriano Tiziano Paper. (light blue gray). I had forgotten that I had a set of Prismcolor Colored pencils. This went down very nicely. I used Sennelier and Mungyo Artist Oil Pastels. Great Fun

12 x 16 Pastel Paper - Colored Pencils and Oil Pastels

Finally, I started working on the oil painting. I used a gray Inktense Pencil for the sketch on the canvas and I’m not happy that I can see the line through the oil paint. But this is a the first layer and so I hope that the lines will be covered  by the remainder of the paint.

Neighbor's garage - 12 x 16 oil

Neighbor’s garage – 12 x 16 oil

I am done for today, but hope to finish it up tomorrow. Also, for the cat lovers in the audience… here’s the start of a XMAS present for my FABULOUS Sister Melanie. This is done ENTIRELY with Inktense pencils!


Razzy - 12 x 16 WC

Razzy – 12 x 16 WC


Let there be .. Goats?

I’m pretty sure that you haven’t been spending a lot of time this summer wondering “Why hasn’t Linda posted anything lately”.  Just in case you were wondering, I have been pretty busy, just not producing ALOT of art.  First, lets start out with the Plein Air paintings. These two are 8 x 10 boards, painted with Oil Bars/Sticks. Both done in 1.5 hours (first one needs to be finished up)

Plein Air, Reeds Lake, Mi - 8 x 10 oil

Plein Air, Reeds Lake, Mi – 8 x 10 oil

Plein Air, Reeds Lake, Mi - 8 x 10 oil

Plein Air, Reeds Lake, Mi – 8 x 10 oil


And I DID promise you goats. I FINALLY finished drawing my last goat. They are now both on the canvas. I did a “negative painting” with inktense Pencils, wet it down, let it dry and then will finish painting the inside. Here are the Goats as promised!

Goats - acrylic on canvas

Goats – acrylic on canvas

Lastly, here is the entire painting! Three weeks and it HAS to be done!

Farm Scene - 48 x 36 Acrylic

Farm Scene – 48 x 36 Acrylic


Well! Back to painting! Enjoy!




For all the little ones!

This huge painting (36 x 48) for “all the little ones”. I am having a blast doing it. The process I use, is to draw the animals that I intend to use with Inktense pencils. Do some water washes on them. Cut them out and place them on the canvas. If I like the size (relatively), I draw the animals using Inktense Pencils, add some water and let it dry. Next comes Acrylic paint. (I’m trying not to be Too STINGY with the paint!) Here’s where we are today. The first picture was taken in my studio. The morning light was not the best.

Barn Yard - 36 x 48 Acrylic - See the cutout cow?

Barn Yard – 36 x 48 Acrylic – See the cutout cow?

Next, I put the Holstein in…. and wrestled the painting out to the deck to get a better picture.

Barn Yard - 36 x 48 Acrylic - Holstein painted! Next the BIlly Goat

Barn Yard – 36 x 48 Acrylic – Holstein painted! Next the Billy Goat

Only 6 weeks to go! Enjoy! please let me know if you have any comments!

Good Evening! I have been multiplexing between acrylic, watercolor and oil sticks! Oil and Water don’t mix, but you can swap between oil and water in different paintings! All of my efforts this week are WIPs (Works in Progress). My first painting is a 16 x 20 oil on canvas. You may recognize the site, it is the Saugatuck Dunes from Oval Beach. My buddy Shelly and I were just there for an afternoon last week (Of course, the minute we got our camera’s out… it started to rain)

Saugatuck dunes - 16 x 20 Oil

Saugatuck dunes – 16 x 20 Oil

My next painting is a WHOPPER. It is 48 x 36 in (yes, 4 ft x 3 ft). It is a farm scene for a children’s ward. It’s Acrylic on Canvas! I did the second coat on the horse today and Don and I put in the barn.

Farm Scene - 48 x 36 Acrylic

Farm Scene – 48 x 36 Acrylic

The horse should look familiar, I have been sketching it for WEEKS!

Finally, here’s a little watercolor of a swan. We have been very luck this year to get some GREAT SWAN pictures. This is another WIP. The little guy still has some frisket on his wings and head. He’s getting another watercolor wash, even as I type

Swan - 9 x 12 WC with Inktense Pencils

Swan – 9 x 12 WC with Inktense Pencils

That’s it for today! Hope to post more as I complete these projects!


Going to the Birds!

Spring has sprung (sort of)! There is still a chance of a wintry mix later this week, but the herons are BACK in the wetlands. They were performing touch and goes for us this morning. So graceful, so gorgeous! We were happy to see them. It has been a long winter. I’m not sure where we left off last time. I wasn’t able to make it to my art class this last week, so am pretty excited for Tues afternoon to arrive. I did some drawing (thus the title of this post). But my work on “edges” will have to wait til I have more time next week. Spring cleaning was on my mind this weekend. Here are my charcoals. I have ALMOST finished my sketchbook. I did order another, but the paper is NOT the same. If all else fails, I may have to cut up some Cansons and clip it together to make my own sketchbook. Let’s get on with it! If any of these are repeats, I apologize.

Pelican - Charcoal on Craft paper

Pelican – Charcoal on Craft paper

Egret - Charcoal on Craft paper

Egret – Charcoal on Craft paper



Tern - Charcoal on Craft paper

Tern – Charcoal on Craft paper


Now, do you get the title? The next is NOT a bird, but an flower. The first is just a sketch of an orchid, the next jpg is an Inktense sketch on canvas. I am always excited when I start a new canvas, and a little scared. Inktense pencils and sticks help me cover large areas with vivid color. The canvas is 9 x 12 and I hope to get painting on it at class this week!

Orchid - Charcoal on Craft paper

Orchid – Charcoal on Craft paper











Orchid 9 x 12, Inktense on Canvas

Orchid 9 x 12, Inktense on Canvas

One last thing, as you know, I have been working on some small Oil Stick paintings. I DID gesso up some canvases this weekend, and here is a 5 x 7 that I reworked this weekend. Take a look, it sure did photograph BLUE! Have a great week! Hope to catch up with you next week!

Dunes - 5 x 7 Oil Bar on Canvas

Dunes – 5 x 7 Oil Bar on Canvas


Dunes - 5 x 7 Oil Bar on Canvas

Dunes – 5 x 7 Oil Bar on Canvas























Well, another weekend is over, and it is sleeting here, so it is a GOOD NIGHT to be at home! We needed to get the grandnieces and nephews something for Christmas so their mom and I consulted. We came up with a Pink Poodle, a Shark and a Horse. I am doing them in acrylic, small stretched canvases (12 x 12) for the poodle and the horse. 12 x 16 for the shark. I have some experience with sharks as I did a large underwater scene earlier this year. I have also painted dogs (niki, kaya, etc), but I have never painted a horse, nor do I have an pictures of horses. So my WetCanvas and FB friend, Tatiana (A FABULOUS artist in her own right) came to my rescue with wonderful pictures of one of her horses. So I have babbled long enough! Here are the sketches, all with Inktense pencils and sticks. Enjoy!! Let me know if you have any comments!

Pink Poodle - Inktense Pencils DSCN4894 (757x800) DSCN4895 (800x480)

Hi All,

It has been a really long time and I apologize. Life sometimes won’t let you do the things that you want to do!

Anyway, the thought for today is “Why shouldn’t I start using the Good Canvas? Why shouldn’t I start using the GOOD Watercolor paper? What am I saving it for?” So I gessoed some of my good canvases  and started sketching (with Inktense) and painting!

Rocky III (have been doing ALOT of Raccoon Sketches!) Pencil

Lambie – Pencil Sketchbook


Even though I have been a little lax with my painting time, I have been doing some sketching.  The first two are from my sketchbook (6 x 8ish?), the Cranes are on Watercolor paper (but not the good stuff), the OWL is in Inktense Ink pencils on GOOD canvas, and the sunflowers are oil (both oil bars and oil paint) on GOOD Canvas


Sand Cranes – Inktense on WC Paper


Sand Cranes in Pencil – WC Paper


Sunflower 1 – Oil 12 x 12 Canvas

Sunflower 2 – Oil 12 x 12 Canvas













I used Winsor Green (oil bar) with Yellow Ochre (oil bar) and like the results! I would like to add a little dab of purple to the background of the sunflowers to give it a little kick! (If you look carefully at Sunflower 1, you can see the Inktense sketch… Awesome!)

Have a great week! If you are on the East Coast of the USA – Take cover and stay safe!