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Thar she blows

There are SO MANY song titles and quotes that I can associate with my latest painting technique… but I decided to go with a nautical theme today… for no particular reason. August was a very busy month and September is shaping up to be the same. This is ALL GOOD. I am delighted that we can spend our time doing FUN stuff again.

I have continued to work with blowing Golden High Flow Acrylics and Liquitex Acrylic Ink around with a straw.  This time, I worked on canvas. I prepared with the canvas with “sort of monoprint” which is a story for another time. Then started building up layers. First the lighter colors, green gold for the leaves and yellow oxide for the petals. Let it dry. Next added indigo for the leaves, and white for the petals. Let this layer dry. Kept adding layers and letting them dry.


Here are a two more examples of my BLOWN AWAY Art….


And lastly, here are some Work In Progress pieces… on Watercolor paper!! And the pieces are getting larger!

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A Rainy October Day

It’s time to show off all the things I learned watching YouTube videos this year!! First, lets start with Lino-Cuts. These are great fun to design and carve. The printing is a “let’s get our hands dirty” process. What I am attempting to discover, is my own personal touch to this art form. I have been adding watercolor and printing on a previous monoprints. I like both results. (maybe I like adding watercolor to the print a bit better). Take a look and let me know what you think!


The tour that we took of the Western National Parks was truly awesome. SO MUCH beauty. But trying to translate THAT into art work has been challenging. I have the ideas in my mind… but getting the paint to cooperate? Not so easy. I showed you some of my early efforts. Now, I will let you see the progress that I have made with my acrylic paintings.


Next, the Mittens!! I used a “YouTube” video as inspiration for “monoprinting” color onto the watercolor paper to create an abstract image. (See the last two)


More Monument Valley! (Again the abstract monoprint which will serve as a basis for my new painting.)


And there is MORE! Sometimes a fish is just a fish!! (Inspired by the Shedd’s aquarium in Chicago!)


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Summer is GONE!!!

Wow, I woke up this morning and it was 46 degrees outside. It’s pretty early for this chilly weather!

We were fortunate to take a tour of 9 National Parks this summer. The words wondrous, awesome, beautiful, incredible don’t even begin to describe the vistas that we saw – Everyday for 14 days. Needless to say, what a BLAST. I have TONS of painting material and have been busy trying to develop some of it. The first set of picture are attempts to capture Monument Valley. They are all works in progress, but I have been diligent about adding a layer every day (it’s that glazing thing).

The next set of pictures is my new passion – Linocuts. I love doing them. Especially the birds. Need lots of practice, but its a skill I WANT to get better at.

Let me know if you have any comments! I would be glad to hear from you!

There are a few topics that I eventually like to discuss… My recent experiments with masking fluid….Nah! Boring! More MonoPrints… Nah!! (Noooo. Not another Mono-Print!) How about drawing and painting the same tree I photographed in California over and over again? Now that could be promising.

I have been experimenting again. This time with different surfaces, (paper, canvas, boards), different grounds (nothing, Gesso, Golden Light Molding Paste), Different drawing material (pencils, charcoal, Sharpie Water based markers, Liquitex Acrylic Markers and just plain old brushes). I am attempting to find my way through all the art supplies that are available. I NEED to find my niche.

The first  is 5 x 7, canvas, with Gesso and Golden Light Molding Paste. Once the ground finally dried and I started applying paint, I was IN LOVE!! The surface was so Absorbent! Beautiful texture.

The second is 5 x 7, paper, with Colourfix Ground for Pastels. I used Golden Fluid Acrylics squeezed through a needle nose applicator. Another great way to paint without using a paint brush! and I really liked the control that I had over the acrylic.




The next 3 drawing are on Utrecht Drawing paper (a personal favorite). They all began as humble pencil drawings. The last one was enhanced with a new product (at least to me) , Sharpie water based markers. I have had a problem in the past with markers bleeding through paper, and white markers that don’t cover (thin watery paint!) Hurrah for Sharpie. They have done it again! They didn’t bleed through and the white covered the pencil marks. I’m impressed.

Hope that you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Send me a comment, if you are so inclined. I’d love to hear from you















It has been a long time, but spring is here and I am feeling the urge to paint! I did do some Franken-Art this winter. I had a great time craving into craft foam, slathering on some acrylic paint and pressing it onto Bristol paper (or pastel paper, or WC paper). Here are just a few of my efforts!

These were “small” 5×7 and I used this prints to make cards for various occasions. But then, I got BRAVE and decided to do a 11 x 14. So I sketched my sketch, and “drew” on my craft foam and made a number of different prints. The first was on sketch paper, another on Bristol paper, the next ones were on paper that I had already printed some type of background on.

I am not sure if any of these prints are “done”, the experiments are just beginning. Let me know what you think! I’d love to hear from you! Happy Spring!





Getting some Franken-Art done!

I have been complaining about not getting stuff done. So! I got all my sketchbooks together and scanned in all my “Franken- Art”, just to see where I am at. I was actually pretty pleased by the amount of work that I have completed.

First of all, I want to show off my latest acrylic transfer. I painted the butterfly on a transparent plastic bag, then dry transferred it to an acrylic primed piece of watercolor paper. The only problem that I had, so was it buckled. The paper flattened out after a few days, but the image does have a few wrinkles. I would be interested in any comments that you might have on this! (I used iridescent paint and it shimmers in the light!)


Next, I finished a mono-prints that have been hanging around for months. That was very satisfying! The first two are acrylics, and the bottom two are watercolor. All started their lives as mono-prints.


The last painting is one that I did Plein Air today. It was slow starting, but what a beautiful day to be outside painting! Have a wonderful evening!




Where to Begin?


I have been Plein Air painting with my good friend and mentor Marianna this summer. I have learned so much from this lovely lady!! Since I have a few minutes today (Bailey (the dog) is napping!!), I scanned some of my work to share with you.

The painting on the left is acrylic landscape, on acrylic primed canvas board, 8 x 10. The two center pieces are of an “elusive” oak in Townsend Park. We park our cars in the morning when the light is perfect and by the time we get set up, the light is gone. The tree has a lovely shape and I have many pictures of it. Hope to be able to capture its essence. The oil painting is on an oil primed canvas board, 8 x 10. I used water soluble Daniel Smith Oil paints, and oil bars (my old stand by). The last sketch is another interesting tree at Townsend park. If I have spare time at the end of class, I try not to waste it!

This week, we did something entirely different! Abstract!

If that isn’t enough, how about a few monoprints to finish the day?

Upper Left is a geranium in acrylic, the lower left is an orchid in watercolor and the right is a painting with the daisies painted in oil pastel as a resist. Then I mixed yellow and indigo on a Plexiglas plate and laid the daisy painting into the paint. Once the acrylic was dry, I scrapped off the acrylic from the daises and there it is!

I’d love to hear from you! Have  a great week!


Mono-prints + and Stencils

I worked on “completing” some of the mono-prints that I worked up last week. I had some frisket (which was almost 10 years old) and masked out the yellows and the greens in the stems. When that was dry, I outlined the sunflowers with a water-soluble marker, then wet the ink down and let it run. I used 9 x 12 Aquarelle WC paper for this painting.

mono-scan006 (575x800)

I also played with the sunflower stencil I made out of plastic. So much easier to work with than the one that I made out of canvas paper. Here are two examples:

These stencils are LOTs of fun to work with. I used acrylic markers, sprayed acrylic ink and even used Sharpies to outline the flower! Hope that everyone had a great week! Hope to check in again soon!



Monoprints 101

I have been doing a fair amount of experimenting and haven’t had much luck until today. Yesterday, I put watercolors on a piece of glass and let it dry over night. So this morning I made three monoprints! I was excited with the results!

This is the 8 x 10 glass plate that I painted the sunflowers on

DSC01439 (585x800)

Next, I wet a piece of 9 x 12 Watercolor paper and made this first print. It REALLY bleed all over. I think that this may be something that I can work with later.

DSC01441 (595x800)

The next print was on Dry 9 x 12 Watercolor paper. I added some red to the center. This piece was scanned and it is pixeled, but you can see how nicely the colors are “staying put” on the dry paper.

ada-scan014 (581x800)

Lastly, this is the final print on Canson Mixed Media paper (though there is still a significant amount of paint on the glass). There was just enough paint on the paper that I could move it around a bit and create flower petals. I may embellish this further with reds and blue.


AND in the overshare department, here is an 8.5 x 5.5 Watercolor that I did of a scene from my plein air class. If you see a black blob in the trees, you can blame it on the dog!

DSC01443 (800x538)


I have been having so much fun making stencils. One of my online courses suggested that tracing or copying your own work was not only okay… But could be a time saver! So of course, I got out one of my old watercolors, made a stencil of the drawing and then sprayed ink, splashed watercolor and generally had a wonderful time. What do you think of all of this? Is it cheating to reuse your own homemade stencils?

This is a copy of one of my original watercolors.


Then I created a stencil

Then I sprayed, spattered and splashed acrylic ink and watercolor.

And BECAUSE I like oversharing, here are two sketches from my plein air class this week. Both are watercolor and ink. Have a great week!