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A Rainy October Day

It’s time to show off all the things I learned watching YouTube videos this year!! First, lets start with Lino-Cuts. These are great fun to design and carve. The printing is a “let’s get our hands dirty” process. What I am attempting to discover, is my own personal touch to this art form. I have been adding watercolor and printing on a previous monoprints. I like both results. (maybe I like adding watercolor to the print a bit better). Take a look and let me know what you think!


The tour that we took of the Western National Parks was truly awesome. SO MUCH beauty. But trying to translate THAT into art work has been challenging. I have the ideas in my mind… but getting the paint to cooperate? Not so easy. I showed you some of my early efforts. Now, I will let you see the progress that I have made with my acrylic paintings.


Next, the Mittens!! I used a “YouTube” video as inspiration for “monoprinting” color onto the watercolor paper to create an abstract image. (See the last two)


More Monument Valley! (Again the abstract monoprint which will serve as a basis for my new painting.)


And there is MORE! Sometimes a fish is just a fish!! (Inspired by the Shedd’s aquarium in Chicago!)


Feel free to leave a comment!! Thanks for visiting!


Getting some Franken-Art done!

I have been complaining about not getting stuff done. So! I got all my sketchbooks together and scanned in all my “Franken- Art”, just to see where I am at. I was actually pretty pleased by the amount of work that I have completed.

First of all, I want to show off my latest acrylic transfer. I painted the butterfly on a transparent plastic bag, then dry transferred it to an acrylic primed piece of watercolor paper. The only problem that I had, so was it buckled. The paper flattened out after a few days, but the image does have a few wrinkles. I would be interested in any comments that you might have on this! (I used iridescent paint and it shimmers in the light!)


Next, I finished a mono-prints that have been hanging around for months. That was very satisfying! The first two are acrylics, and the bottom two are watercolor. All started their lives as mono-prints.


The last painting is one that I did Plein Air today. It was slow starting, but what a beautiful day to be outside painting! Have a wonderful evening!




Where to Begin?


I have been Plein Air painting with my good friend and mentor Marianna this summer. I have learned so much from this lovely lady!! Since I have a few minutes today (Bailey (the dog) is napping!!), I scanned some of my work to share with you.

The painting on the left is acrylic landscape, on acrylic primed canvas board, 8 x 10. The two center pieces are of an “elusive” oak in Townsend Park. We park our cars in the morning when the light is perfect and by the time we get set up, the light is gone. The tree has a lovely shape and I have many pictures of it. Hope to be able to capture its essence. The oil painting is on an oil primed canvas board, 8 x 10. I used water soluble Daniel Smith Oil paints, and oil bars (my old stand by). The last sketch is another interesting tree at Townsend park. If I have spare time at the end of class, I try not to waste it!

This week, we did something entirely different! Abstract!

If that isn’t enough, how about a few monoprints to finish the day?

Upper Left is a geranium in acrylic, the lower left is an orchid in watercolor and the right is a painting with the daisies painted in oil pastel as a resist. Then I mixed yellow and indigo on a Plexiglas plate and laid the daisy painting into the paint. Once the acrylic was dry, I scrapped off the acrylic from the daises and there it is!

I’d love to hear from you! Have  a great week!


Monoprints 101

I have been doing a fair amount of experimenting and haven’t had much luck until today. Yesterday, I put watercolors on a piece of glass and let it dry over night. So this morning I made three monoprints! I was excited with the results!

This is the 8 x 10 glass plate that I painted the sunflowers on

DSC01439 (585x800)

Next, I wet a piece of 9 x 12 Watercolor paper and made this first print. It REALLY bleed all over. I think that this may be something that I can work with later.

DSC01441 (595x800)

The next print was on Dry 9 x 12 Watercolor paper. I added some red to the center. This piece was scanned and it is pixeled, but you can see how nicely the colors are “staying put” on the dry paper.

ada-scan014 (581x800)

Lastly, this is the final print on Canson Mixed Media paper (though there is still a significant amount of paint on the glass). There was just enough paint on the paper that I could move it around a bit and create flower petals. I may embellish this further with reds and blue.


AND in the overshare department, here is an 8.5 x 5.5 Watercolor that I did of a scene from my plein air class. If you see a black blob in the trees, you can blame it on the dog!

DSC01443 (800x538)


Checking in…

Greetings! It is FINALLY springtime here! The lush spring colors are always an inspiration. I have been working with watercolors, watercolor sticks, acrylic inks and acrylics in my sketchbooks. Here are a few samples of my work!

The hay roll scene was done in watercolor on Strathmore Mixed Media Paper 5.5 x 8.5 with watercolor and watercolor sticks

The daffodil painting was done in watercolor, watercolor sticks, outlined with speedball pen. Then I added a wash to the ink to get the background color. Canson Mixed Media Paper, 7 x 10

Lastly, the dune picture was done with watercolor, watercolor sticks, Inktense pencils, and ink. Strathmore Mixed Media 9 x 12.

Franken”art” experiments

My franken”art” “experiments” have been evolving. The more I watch YouTube Videos, the more excited I get about playing around with acrylic paints. I’ve continued working on the monoprints. Once I get the print, the painting starts to just evolve when I satart messing around with it. Here is the current (final) state of my first two monoprints. The second print has a freshness to it, which I find appealing.


Next, I tried doing a landscape by painting on glass and creating a print from it.


I did some acrylic transfer. I admit that the first 2 were disasters, never to see the light of day again. But then I used a technique that I found on YouTube to transfer markers to watercolor paper. I did a simple sketch of a pelican and I found that it transferred quite nicely. The background was a bit shiny for my taste, but I’ll have to work with the acrylic medium to get the proper consistency.  All the YouTube videos make it look “so easy”..

. 2016-sketchbook047 (669x800)

Finally, I did a number of acrylics paint skins. Wow, these are fun to play with. I wasted ALOT of medium, but finally came up with one that I liked. To create this little masterpiece(?), you use acrylic paint on a piece of plastic (I used a sheet protector), add some medium and wait for it to dry. Then, peal it off the plastic. The first picture is a front view of the waterlily, the second one is a view from the back. Well, enough for today! Have a great day!





Here are a few examples of my new sketchbook paintings. The birds are watercolor on 3.5 x 5 Strathmore Cold Press Visual Journal Paper.
The Flower Pot, Water Lily and Beach Flowers are examples of mono-printing with watercolor. The technique is really easy. Apply paint, then press the adjacent page and make a mirror image of it. I actually like the more “abstract” print better than some of the originals. It gives you are great point to start a fresh painting from! Let me know if you have any comments!

Getting 2015 Out the Door!!

Thought that I would do one final post for 2015, just to get it out the door! It has been one heck of a year! My puppy finally laid down long enough for me to actually do a little painting!

All the following are watercolors + acrylic markers, all are 5 x 7, done on a variety of paper and grounds. The first ground is Absorbent Ground on Canvas. This ground is fun to work with. I like that it holds watercolor and acrylic markers. I plan on doing more with this on larger canvases.

watercolors001 (800x575)

The second is watercolor pencil, watercolor crayons, watercolors on Acquarello Watercolor paper on a block. It is a nice bright paper and accepts without shredding. Hurrah! Finally, a little WC block that I can throw in my purse and take to the beach.

watercolors002 (538x800)

Finally, this little sunrise was done on Drawing paper! Yup! Strathmore has a Visual Journal with drawing paper that I can use for watercolor too! The majority was done with Van Gogh Watercolors, with a little acrylic marker.  I am also impressed that it did not shred!!

watercolors003 (800x619)

Hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas and that 2016 is fabulous for all!


We have “tried” to go Plein Air Painting, but the weather just hasn’t cooperated! It has been too moist (rainy and or foggy) to get out in the morning, so I have been finishing up some of my studies in the studio. Here are the sketches and finished product of the last? plein air painting session of the season.

I worked on “bringing the flowers forward”.



I like the yellow background on this one and I’m going to declare this painting “fini”!!
Let me know if you have any thoughts on this one!

I had the opportunity to do some Plein Air Painting on Friday. I REALLY enjoyed being out in fresh air, the temps were perfect! I used my Liquitex Acrylic Markers and they worked beautifully for plein air. They are easy to transport. There is little or no clean up. I am sold on this product!
DSC00974 (800x600)
DSC00977 (2) (800x746)

Yesterday, I decided that since my puppy insists on running around outside, that I would join her. I took my easel and water soluble oils outside and did some stress relieving 5 x 7 studies. I am “almost” happy with the flowers – I may have “played around with it too much”. I like the texture of the autumn scene, but need to work on my colors. The yellows and greens need to be “grayed” up a bit.

DSC00981 (695x1024)
DSC00988 (1024x775)

By the time that I brought my easel in, I was “relaxed”, and my puppy was already in bed!