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Where to Begin?


I have been Plein Air painting with my good friend and mentor Marianna this summer. I have learned so much from this lovely lady!! Since I have a few minutes today (Bailey (the dog) is napping!!), I scanned some of my work to share with you.

The painting on the left is acrylic landscape, on acrylic primed canvas board, 8 x 10. The two center pieces are of an “elusive” oak in Townsend Park. We park our cars in the morning when the light is perfect and by the time we get set up, the light is gone. The tree has a lovely shape and I have many pictures of it. Hope to be able to capture its essence. The oil painting is on an oil primed canvas board, 8 x 10. I used water soluble Daniel Smith Oil paints, and oil bars (my old stand by). The last sketch is another interesting tree at Townsend park. If I have spare time at the end of class, I try not to waste it!

This week, we did something entirely different! Abstract!

If that isn’t enough, how about a few monoprints to finish the day?

Upper Left is a geranium in acrylic, the lower left is an orchid in watercolor and the right is a painting with the daisies painted in oil pastel as a resist. Then I mixed yellow and indigo on a Plexiglas plate and laid the daisy painting into the paint. Once the acrylic was dry, I scrapped off the acrylic from the daises and there it is!

I’d love to hear from you! Have  a great week!



This year has FLOWN by! And tonight may be the last chance I have to do Plein Air painting before the snow flies! But I think that we did good (it was in the 60s tonight). For that I am thankful. Here we go. I painted at the Ada Covered Bridge. Here is a picture of the scene and then a picture of my painting. The painting is an 8 x 10 Oil Stick on Canvas Board.














Have a great week! Hope to post more now that the weather is turning…

Slow but sure…

Greetings on this September night!  It looks like we will have one more chance at some WARM (90ish) summer weather.

Today, I’m going to attempt something just a little different. I’m doing a “before and after” type of blog. Before on the left — After on the right.

Neighbor's garage - 12 x 16 oil

Neighbor’s garage – 12 x 16 oil

Neighbor's garage - 12 x 16 oil

Neighbor’s garage – 12 x 16 oil












Razzy - 12 x 16 WC

Razzy – 12 x 16 WC


Razzy - 12 x 16 WC


And FINALLY, this is an experiment with Oil Sticks/Bars on fine grit pastel paper. The tree turned out exact.y as I hoped. The rest of the painting is “eh”. I don’t mind practicing on paper. It is cheaper then doing it on canvas.

Oil Bar/Stick on Pastel sand paper - 9 x 12

Oil Bar/Stick on Pastel sand paper – 9 x 12

I have one more painting that I have been working on. But it is too late in the day to take a picture of it outside. So, you’ll just have to come back later and take a look.

If you have any comments, I would LOVE to hear from you! Have a great week!





The first two pictures are a plein air painting of a house in Ada. It was done with oil bars/sticks on a 11×14. The second is a quick dune study – 9×12 also done with oil based/sticks.

It was great fun to get back to IT!

Let there be .. Goats?

I’m pretty sure that you haven’t been spending a lot of time this summer wondering “Why hasn’t Linda posted anything lately”.  Just in case you were wondering, I have been pretty busy, just not producing ALOT of art.  First, lets start out with the Plein Air paintings. These two are 8 x 10 boards, painted with Oil Bars/Sticks. Both done in 1.5 hours (first one needs to be finished up)

Plein Air, Reeds Lake, Mi - 8 x 10 oil

Plein Air, Reeds Lake, Mi – 8 x 10 oil

Plein Air, Reeds Lake, Mi - 8 x 10 oil

Plein Air, Reeds Lake, Mi – 8 x 10 oil


And I DID promise you goats. I FINALLY finished drawing my last goat. They are now both on the canvas. I did a “negative painting” with inktense Pencils, wet it down, let it dry and then will finish painting the inside. Here are the Goats as promised!

Goats - acrylic on canvas

Goats – acrylic on canvas

Lastly, here is the entire painting! Three weeks and it HAS to be done!

Farm Scene - 48 x 36 Acrylic

Farm Scene – 48 x 36 Acrylic


Well! Back to painting! Enjoy!




Fini? (or Two for Sunday)

Happy July All,

I have been working on my dune pictures and I think? that they are both done (I had my sister Amy helping me this morning putting on the finishing touches). Both are scenes from the Saugatuck Dunes. Both are oil. The first is 16 x 20, the other is 11 x 14. Both were done with Oil Bar/Sticks (no brushes) on stretched canvas.

Saugatuck Dunes - 16 x 20 oil

Saugatuck Dunes – 16 x 20 oil


Saugatuck Dunes - Oil Study 11 x 14

Saugatuck Dunes – Oil Study 11 x 14

I may post more this week to make up for neglecting my blog! Happy Weekend!






Hanging baskets!

I did my home work today! After dinner, I moved my easel OUTSIDE and did a quick painting of  one of our hanging baskets. The lattice work fence ALMOST defeated me, but I carried on. The results are GREAT for the 40 minutes invested. A SUPER BONUS was that my honey kept me company while I was painting. He makes good things EVEN better! This was pretty tiny… 6 x 8

Sketch - of hanging basket

Sketch – of hanging basket


Hanging Basket - 6 x 8 Oil Bar

Hanging Basket – 6 x 8 Oil Bar











Also, I finished up my swan… It may be too blue… or it could just be the picture.

What do YOU think?

Swan - WC and Inktense Pencils

Swan – WC and Inktense Pencils


Good Evening! I have been multiplexing between acrylic, watercolor and oil sticks! Oil and Water don’t mix, but you can swap between oil and water in different paintings! All of my efforts this week are WIPs (Works in Progress). My first painting is a 16 x 20 oil on canvas. You may recognize the site, it is the Saugatuck Dunes from Oval Beach. My buddy Shelly and I were just there for an afternoon last week (Of course, the minute we got our camera’s out… it started to rain)

Saugatuck dunes - 16 x 20 Oil

Saugatuck dunes – 16 x 20 Oil

My next painting is a WHOPPER. It is 48 x 36 in (yes, 4 ft x 3 ft). It is a farm scene for a children’s ward. It’s Acrylic on Canvas! I did the second coat on the horse today and Don and I put in the barn.

Farm Scene - 48 x 36 Acrylic

Farm Scene – 48 x 36 Acrylic

The horse should look familiar, I have been sketching it for WEEKS!

Finally, here’s a little watercolor of a swan. We have been very luck this year to get some GREAT SWAN pictures. This is another WIP. The little guy still has some frisket on his wings and head. He’s getting another watercolor wash, even as I type

Swan - 9 x 12 WC with Inktense Pencils

Swan – 9 x 12 WC with Inktense Pencils

That’s it for today! Hope to post more as I complete these projects!


It’s a Plein Air type of night!

It’s Tuesday and that’s means it’s PAINTING DAY. Thankfully, the weather was perfect. We got out about 3:00 pm and painted until after 5:00. I did NOT get done tonight.

BUT! I was very pleased with my efforts. The colors are bright and vivid, not overworked. Structurally I think that it holds together. That’s why I do sketches… if I would have gone with the first sketch, the painting would have fallen off the edge of the canvas!

Here’s two pictures, one of the oil sketch and another when I added some color. Did NOT get it all done, but .. who cares! We were outside painting! Let me know if you have any comments.

Ada, Oil 8 x 10

Ada, Oil 8 x 10


Ada, Oil 8 x 10

Ada, Oil 8 x 10

I actually have two dune pictures going right now, along with my Barn scene for the children’s ward. But, I am particularly excited about this small 11 x 14. I did an orange/yellow/Prussian blue underpainting and tonight I added the first coat of oil on the sky. Wow! I love orange and blue. The orange makes the blue in the sky pop! As usual, this painting has been completely done with Windsor Newton Oil Bars.


The picture was taken with my Nexus! You have to love technology.
Hopefully later this week, I can post some of my sketches and other paintings. Have a great week!