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Hanging baskets!

I did my home work today! After dinner, I moved my easel OUTSIDE and did a quick painting of  one of our hanging baskets. The lattice work fence ALMOST defeated me, but I carried on. The results are GREAT for the 40 minutes invested. A SUPER BONUS was that my honey kept me company while I was painting. He makes good things EVEN better! This was pretty tiny… 6 x 8

Sketch - of hanging basket

Sketch – of hanging basket


Hanging Basket - 6 x 8 Oil Bar

Hanging Basket – 6 x 8 Oil Bar











Also, I finished up my swan… It may be too blue… or it could just be the picture.

What do YOU think?

Swan - WC and Inktense Pencils

Swan – WC and Inktense Pencils



Quick Quick Quick

Here are two oil stick paintings that I did for my art class this week. Both are 9 x 12, the value study is on PAPER, the color study is on canvas board. Sorry for not posting more, but have been busy working. You know how that goes!

DSC00753 (1024x796) DSCN6684



Let me know what you think!


Getting my hands dirty…

Yes, it is yet ANOTHER dreary afternoon. So, I decided to do some more value studies and oil bar studies. These are all TINY. 4 x 6 with a limited pallette. Payne Gray, Naples yellow, Lemon Yellow, Magenta, Burnt Umber and white

Saugatuck Dunes - Charcoal

Saugatuck Dunes – Charcoal

Oil Bar 4 x 6 on Canvas Board

Oil Bar 4 x 6 on Canvas Board












Saugatuck Dunes - Charcoal

Saugatuck Dunes – Charcoal

Oil Bar 4 x 6 on Canvas Board

Oil Bar 4 x 6 on Canvas Board










Oil Bar 4 x 6 on Canvas Board

Oil Bar 4 x 6 on Canvas Board


Charcoal on Craft Paper

Charcoal on Craft Paper

Oil Bar 4 x 6 on Canvas Board

Oil Bar 4 x 6 on Canvas Board







Thank you for stopping by. Let me know if you have any questions! I’d like to hear from you!






Just thought that I would show you this week’s homework. Poor Poor Luna. I really messed up her eyes. AND I think that I did not put enough clear gesso on the watercolor paper.  Applying the oil sticks is a bit of a problem. However, I did get my Kama Oil Sticks and so far, they are fun fun fun. Especially the Mars Black. So, here they are: All done in Oil Sticks and various stages of completion

Jon's Barn,Oil Sticks on Canvas

Jon’s Barn,Oil Sticks on Canvas


Luna, Oil Sticks on WC Paper

Luna, Oil Sticks on WC Paper


Larry, Oil Sticks on WC Paper

Larry, Oil Sticks on WC Paper











I just have to keep experimenting until I get it right! So far, I like the track that I am on..

BTW, NOT DONE with any of these yet. Off to gesso more WC paper.

Don’t let the snow get you down







Coming in for a landing!

Between laundry, dishes and other chores, I attempted and threw out 3 pieces of artwork today. One was an oil pastel, one was an acrylic on board and another was a watercolor. Pretty discouraged. Then I pulled out my sketchbook and found an oil pastel that I had done of a Canadian goose landing in a pond. The sketch was pretty good, so I thought that I would attempt to make a preliminary painting to use as a “cut out” for a larger picture. I used one of my favorite tools, Inktense pencils with buff titanium acrylic to blend in some of his feather. That worked very nicely. Take a peak and let me know what you think.

9 x 12 – Inktense and acrylic on canvas paper

Hope that you had a FABULOUS weekend!



The 8 minute post…

Royal Tern – 9 x 12 Oil on stretched canvas


The steaks will be  done in 8 minutes so this will be a quick one.

The tern is finished. Had to resort to a paint brush to do his eye and legs.



My next painting is an acrylic on board, primed with absorbent ground. I DO like it alot.

Heron’s nest – 12 x 16 Acrylic on board

This is interesting for a few reasons. I used a thin coat of raw sienna as the under painting. Then painted the tree and nest with burnt umber. Then painted in the sky. I took  class a few weeks back the the instructor said that I wasn’t painting.. I was dabbing.

So today, I tried to PAINT!

Happy Saturday

Tern, Tern, Tern

Tired, Tired, Tired. Have been cleaning up my art room after doing the 30 x 40s. I should post a picture of it after it is all clean – It was a MESS!

Got out my oil sticks and have been working with them.  Not too much to report, except that I am pretty happy with the progress on my tern. Hope to do a series of wading birds.

The first one is watercolor/Inktense on panel coated with absorbent ground. (I do love that stuff)

Tern – 8 x 10 Watercolor on panel (with absorbent ground)


Next is OIL STICKS (hurrah! I love them) on stretched canvas. I did the under-painting in orange. I do like the effect.

Tern – 9 x 12 Oil Sticks on Stretched Canvas


It WILL be a long week, but hopefully, I can make more progress on my birds.

Happy End of July!


Finished and VARNISHED!

Holy smokes, this has been an adventure. We are down to the wire. The paintings are going to their new home on MONDAY…

They all look AOK, but Safari is by far my favorite. Now I have to start working on some for the grandkids. Paintings are 30 x 40 on Stretched Canvas. Acrylic.

Dinosaurs – 30 x 40 Acrylic

Safari – 30 x 40 Acrylic


Under the Sea – 30 x 40 Acrylic


This is a picture of all those paintings drying on my deck

On the Deck 07/20/2012


And I had to throw in another painting that I varnished this evening

Padre Island = 14 x 18? Oil Sticks on board
(seems tiny next to the 30 x 40s!)








A little something for every one!

Hi All,

It has been EXCITING around here the last few weeks. I am still working on my 30 x 40 Acrylics.  Here is a Step by Step of the last one.

9 x 12 Inktense sketches


9 x 12 Inktense sketches


I had a good idea where I wanted to go, but not sure where that would lead. I spent the most time planning this painting and it paid off, as the actual painting is going quite quickly. The next few are the actual painting.

30 x 40 Acrylic – Sinclair with fake friends

30 x 40 Acrylic – Sinclair with more fake friends


30 x 40 Acrylic – Sinclair with friends showing SOME of their colors


30 x 40 Acrylic – Sinclair with friends showing their TRUE colors


The Dinosaur painting has taken most of my time (ALL HAVE TO BE DONE by the 23rd). But I did take a quick break to work with my Oil Sticks

14 x 18 Egret – OIl Sticks


5 x 7 Oil Sticks

I have also been playing with absorbent grounds for watercolor and here is a “good experiment”. This intrigues me and I don’t like having to frame under glass.

5 x 7 on Canvas Board



As I said, there is a little something for everyone this week!

Have a great GREAT week! Stay cool!


Happy Sunday, the weekend is almost over. Boo…I managed to do a little bit of everything this weekend because it was snowing out and I don’t like to go out (I definitely know why birds migrate!). So I watched the birds on our bird feeder, did my weekend chores, played video games and painted. You are probably only interested in the painting part.

I’ll start with the watermedia (watercolor and acrylic)

Sunflowers in WC Sketchbook


Sunflowers on Yupo












Katie's Tree - Acrylic on Board


Next are a few oil pastel sketches:

Oil Pastel on Craft Paper

Oil Pastel on Craft Paper










These last two are my oil stick offering. I do SO enjoy working with oil sticks! I have heard that OILBARS is newly formulated and I can’t wait to try them. Unfortunately, my art budget is nil for the next few months (Had to buy a new PS3)


Oil Sticks on Senso Canvas


Oil Stick on Stretched Canvas












I really enjoy the feel of the Senso canvas. If you have the opportunity, it would be a great thing to put in your art shopping cart.

Have a great weekend! Thanks for checking in!