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Mono-prints + and Stencils

I worked on “completing” some of the mono-prints that I worked up last week. I had some frisket (which was almost 10 years old) and masked out the yellows and the greens in the stems. When that was dry, I outlined the sunflowers with a water-soluble marker, then wet the ink down and let it run. I used 9 x 12 Aquarelle WC paper for this painting.

mono-scan006 (575x800)

I also played with the sunflower stencil I made out of plastic. So much easier to work with than the one that I made out of canvas paper. Here are two examples:

These stencils are LOTs of fun to work with. I used acrylic markers, sprayed acrylic ink and even used Sharpies to outline the flower! Hope that everyone had a great week! Hope to check in again soon!




Hi All,

It has been a really long time and I apologize. Life sometimes won’t let you do the things that you want to do!

Anyway, the thought for today is “Why shouldn’t I start using the Good Canvas? Why shouldn’t I start using the GOOD Watercolor paper? What am I saving it for?” So I gessoed some of my good canvases  and started sketching (with Inktense) and painting!

Rocky III (have been doing ALOT of Raccoon Sketches!) Pencil

Lambie – Pencil Sketchbook


Even though I have been a little lax with my painting time, I have been doing some sketching.  The first two are from my sketchbook (6 x 8ish?), the Cranes are on Watercolor paper (but not the good stuff), the OWL is in Inktense Ink pencils on GOOD canvas, and the sunflowers are oil (both oil bars and oil paint) on GOOD Canvas


Sand Cranes – Inktense on WC Paper


Sand Cranes in Pencil – WC Paper


Sunflower 1 – Oil 12 x 12 Canvas

Sunflower 2 – Oil 12 x 12 Canvas













I used Winsor Green (oil bar) with Yellow Ochre (oil bar) and like the results! I would like to add a little dab of purple to the background of the sunflowers to give it a little kick! (If you look carefully at Sunflower 1, you can see the Inktense sketch… Awesome!)

Have a great week! If you are on the East Coast of the USA – Take cover and stay safe!





Ink and Watercolor Sticks!

Spent most of the weekend earning a living, so did not have much time to take care of the artist side of my life. But I did get an opportunity to finish up a few 11 x 14 Ink and watercolor sketches. Here are two ink and watercolor paintings, I used Daniel Smith Watercolor sticks for all of these paintings. Let me know what you think!

11 x 14 Watercolor Sunflower - Ink and Daniel Smith Watercolor Sticks

11 x 14 Watercolor Sunflower 2 - Ink and Daniel Smith Watercolor Sticks

The last piece is a work in progress (WIP). This was done totally with DS Watercolor Sticks. It is about 1/2 done. It’s for one of my buddies at work!

11 x 14 Mt Rainier - Watercolor Sticks

Have a great weekend!!