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It was a beautiful frosty morning, brilliant blue skies… but cold…Oh well, winter in Michigan. I have been working on Christmas presents.. mostly watermedia, you know, watercolor, acrylic and gouache. Last weekend, I primed 10 boards of various sizes with absorbent ground. This morning I sanded them down to make them smooth. The experiments that you see on the boards were also primed with absorbent ground, but not sanded to as smooth of a surface.

Here is a watercolor/gouache on primed hard board

Wetland on Primed Board 9 x 12

Grass River on Primed Board 9 x 12

And finally, here is phase II of my Christmas card, watercolor on watercolor paper.

Fallsburg Park - 12 x 16 Watercolor

Tomorrow, I will be in Grand Haven with my sister..but MAYBE on Sunday I can paint a bit more!!

Have a wonderful evening!


Originally submitted at Jerry’s Artarama Art Supplies

Professional quality artists' oil colors from the French Riviera! Charvin Maison de Haute Couleur ("House of High Color") has been meticulously creating fine artists' oil colors for over 175 years, serving such masters as Cezanne, Bonnard, and Ambrogiani. Using only the highest gr…

Beautiful paints for beautiful paintings

By Wave Runner from West Michigan on 6/5/2011


4out of 5

Pros: Glides Smoothly

Describe Yourself: Artist

Primary use: Personal

Was this a gift?: No

Charvin Oils are a wonderful addition to any studio. Their creamy smooth texture suits my painting style perfectly since I use color shapers and painting knifes instead of brushes.

Saugatuck Dunes


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Originally submitted at Jerry’s Artarama Art Supplies

The Lightweight Alternative When Traveling! For playing, studying, serious art and plein aire! Heavyweight 14 oz. premium clear primed linen canvas! Each pad contains 10 sheets tape bound onto stiff backing board. Real canvas pads can be used in a variety of applications…

I’m on my third Senso Canvas Pad!

By Wave Runner from Michigan on 2/25/2011


4out of 5

Pros: Great for experimentation

Cons: Good quality

Best Uses: Art

Describe Yourself: Artist

Primary use: Personal

Was this a gift?: No

I am using the Senso Canvas pads for drawing with oil pastels. I’ve always like the look of OPs on canvas, but the oatmeal color adds a unique touch.

Palm Trees, Oil Pastels on Senso Canvas



Quick Updates

I worked on the Misty Fjords more tonight…

Misty Fjords, 12 x 16 Oil Pastel on Sand Paper

It is coming along, but not quite there yet. The trees are taking shape but need to push back the second rock. I’ll have to think about it.

Also, took a few more picture of my oil painting. This is a bit more true to color.

Neighbor's yard in Springtime - 18 x 24 Oil on Board

Anyway, not a bad day’s work for a Monday.

Have an excellent night.

Waiting for Paint to Dry

Happy Saturday!

Before Melanie and I take off for our adventures in the northwoods, I would like to share the heron that I am working on – while the paint dries on the Great White Egret. This painting is the same technique as the egret. An underpainting of oil sticks, and hopefully will be finished off with oil pastels. Tried an oil paint “wash” for the water and I am pretty happy with the results.  As always, have a wonderful day.

Blue Heron - 11 x 14 oil on canvas (oil wash for water)

Book Reviews

I am on a Tudor Kick!! Could be because I have been watching the Tudor Series on DVD – Those were some SERIOUSLY deranged people. GREEDY, AMBITIOUS, AMORAL. Seven deadly sins, I think that the Tudors covered it all. Books that I have been able to WHIP though and leave me wanting more — The Boleyn Inheritance, The Other Boleyn by Phillipa Gregory.  Six Wives of Henry the VIII by Richard Starkey.  With these books,  it’s never clear what is imagined or what it real. But all in all, these books tell a riveting story.

I usually don’t read “best sellers”.  I usually don’t LIKE best sellers.

The following two books are no exception.

The Time Travelers Wife – I like premise. I was with it (but not rivetted by it) until the feet thing.  Those of you who have read it, know what I am talking about. If you haven’t read, don’t read any further.  I had already figured out when the guy died, but don’t you think that there are (and I will put this as delicately as possible) smaller parts to get frost bit that his feet????? It was like the author was just trying to write MORE words — It might have been better as a short story.

Lovely Bones – I had the same problem with this book. It ran out of premise before the author ran out of words. The view of heaven was unique – I liked the idea of having a PERSONALIZED  heaven. I know that mine would have lots of ART supplies and books!!

District 9 – Out of all the movies we saw over the last few months (and we have seen a lot of them). Nothing compared to District 9. I had no expectations about it. I hadn’t heard anything about it. I certainly wouldn’t just “picked up” a movie about aliens in South Africa, (Ok, I would). But I was hooked after the first few minutes.  It was filmed as sort of a documentary about this poor civil servant that was horribly used by the bureaucrats. It was funny, it was brave, it was smart. An all around great film.

Zombieland – Just watch it. Woody Harrelson is FANTASTIC. He is looking good for a guy his age (how old is he anyway?) I am buying this movie to watch every Halloween. It just goes to show you what a man will do for a Twinkie.

Jennifer’s Body – Three cheers for Diablo Cody. It wasn’t just another teenage horror movie, though it had all the elements. There was just enough subtle and edgy humor to keep it interesting.

Dinner with Melanie!

Hi out there in blog land! No painting tonight, but did have a delightful dinner with Jim and Melanie at our favorite restaurant!

Thought that I would give you a preview of my latest oil pastel. It is an 18 x 24 painting on hot press watercolor paper. I started put with Watersoluble oil pastels. Lovely soft colors for the dunes and dark greens as the basis for the grass. Then begin painting with oil pastels. It is all good!

Take a look and see what your think!

Hello world!

This is my first blog. We are at home at lunch and will be dining with the lovely Melanie this evening at Pietros.

I hope that I will be able to share my art work with you when I get a little more proficient at this…..